BIVOUAC PRA 'Castron – C. Costanzi ALBASINI

Sleeps: 12
Water bivouac: yes (3 minutes)
Mountain Group: Brenta Dolomites
Location: Pra Castron
Altitude: 2365 m / s.l.m.

History and environment: The camp is located on the Pra Castron valley of alpine pastures at the foot of Sasso Rosso, west of the Pra Castron Pass 2503 m., Gentle pass between the Val Madris and Val del Vent, branching, respectively, in the Val di Tovel and Val Meledrio. It can accommodate up to 10 people, table and benches, furnishings. The water source is located at a few minutes' walk, in a valley below the ridge of Top Nana (as you arrive on flat trail).
The camp, a prefab wood with good insulation, was erected in 1985 by the Section SAT Dimaro. It is dedicated to the young climber Claudio Costanzi Albasini, precipitated by the western wall of the Petorina. A Claudio Costanzi is also dedicated to the long path that runs along the whole northern chain of the Brenta. The camp is accessible through the path 329 and 329b respectively starting from Carciato and Folgarida and climb the Val del Vent, or the path 365 that Carciato salt in the Hills Black Forest and Tovi Cornai. The path forward is the first 329 in the forests of spruce and then go outside on scree climbing the valley and gradually give way to alpine meadows interspersed with rocks typical structure with karst fissures and sinkholes. Along the path, 365 go up the dirt road between the spruces, left this one undertakes the path that winds between alder and birch trees before reaching the larch accompanying the walker up to the saddle of the pastures where they begin Cavazal ending in contact with the scree coming down from the Sasso Rosso and Top Nana.




Sleeps: 6
Water bivouac: melting and source around
Mountain Group: Brenta Dolomites
Location: north of Cima Sassara
Altitude: 2780 m / s.l.m.

History and environment:
stands on the shoulder north of Cima Sassara, about 300 m. by the latter, in view of the Friar, above the recessa Conca dele Preson (prisons).
Has six beds, table and furnishings. The melt water is sometimes present near the camp, comes from the rocks in front of the entrance, a small fountain. The camp is dedicated to the brothers Emilio and Seventh Bonvecchio, Trentino climbers died in 1969. It was built by the men of Forest Cavalese on behalf of the Region of Trentino-Alto Adige and donated to the SAT in 1972, on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of the association. The construction, wood, has an outer coating sheet metal. It 'walk along the path 336 Costanzi Trail, which runs along the entire chain from the northern part of the Brenta Peller Refuge to Refuge Graffer is equipped trail, often exposed that requires a lot of attention. Spectacular view of where you can enjoy along the path, the Brenta Dolomites, Lake Tovel, Cevedale, Adamello, Val di Sole, and more.